Teer ft. David Kaul

Veteran Owned

Heavy-hitting, in-your-face, yet melodic Rock n' Roll. It's pure, and it's raw, with just the right amount of edge to it.

6/16 Talking Pint- Riverview- 8pm to 11pm
6/24 Joe Whiskey's- Wesley Chapel- (Band)- 9pm to 1am

6/28 Rick's On The River- Tampa- 5pm to 9pm

6/30 O'Briens- Plant City- 7pm to 11pm

7/1   PRIVATE PARTY (Band)

7/8   Joe Whiskey's- Wesley Chapel- (Band)- 9pm to 1am

7/15 Talking Pint- Riverview- 8pm to 11pm

7/22 Creative Soul Cafe- (Band)- 8pm to 12am (New Venue)


Teer Ft. David Kaul

Yoshi Gish

  • Thank You4:54
  • Try To Help Your Brother sample0:43
  • Treat Her Like A Lady sample0:30
  • People Don't Care No More (Sample)0:29
  • Funk Proof (sample)0:31
  • Good Good Girl (sample)0:31
  • Iron Horse (Sample)0:30
  • Latin X Sample0:32
  • Dew Drop Inn (Sample)0:31
  • California I'm Coming Sample.mp30:34
  • Latin X3:35
  • Funk Proof2:17
  • The Girl Can't Help It3:01
  • In The Wind3:23
  • Deep End4:25
  • Try To Help Your Brother4:39
  • Iron Horse4:15
  • People Don't Care No More2:52
  • Man and Machine3:51
  • Run Away3:08
  • Painted2:57
  • In Case We Get Lost (w/ Yoshi Gish)4:03
  • Is Your Heart Still Open?3:24
  • Stay The Hell Away From Me (w/ Josh Tanasz)4:49
  • Loozer3:38
  • Scars3:25
  • Alotta Time3:46
  • Everytime I Fall3:50
  • Reality Of Altitude (The Gorgeous Torment)5:01
  • Mascara Tears2:45
  • No More Lies4:09
  • Silent Night (Acoustic Guitar)3:26
  • Silent Night3:27
  • Break Away3:45
  • Mayday2:57
  • I Wait4:33
  • Priestess3:24
  • No More Lies4:09
  • Little Wing3:55
  • Thank You For Not Jumping3:53
  • Terra Part2:39
  • Undying Fate3:11
  • Zip-Kicker1:41
  • Superglue2:41
  • Come Inside3:49
  • Why Like You3:14

Sunshine & Bullets is an active alternative hard rock band based out of Tampa, FL. They feature 2 vocalists (male and female) with hauntingly beautiful and strong melodies reminiscent of Evanescence and A Perfect Circle. They also make creative use of wild guitar and bass effects inspired by Nine Inch Nails, as well as trip-hop infused drum beats.

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  • Thank You4:54

We were honored to work on bringing a project featuring "The Architect Of Rock and Roll" Little Richard,  to life.  Sound Czech Studios,LLC  remixed and mastered a project that sat unreleased since 1971.  The project was released online in December of 2015 for a limited run till 2017 when we added more tracks to the album and then it was sent to a distributor for worldwide release.

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