• Golden Soul5:10
  • Man And Machine 3:52
  • Universe5:28
  • Thank You4:54
  • Try To Help Your Brother sample0:43
  • Treat Her Like A Lady sample0:30
  • People Don't Care No More (Sample)0:29
  • Funk Proof (sample)0:31
  • Good Good Girl (sample)0:31
  • Iron Horse (Sample)0:30
  • Latin X Sample0:32
  • Dew Drop Inn (Sample)0:31
  • California I'm Coming Sample.mp30:34
  • Latin X3:35
  • Funk Proof2:17
  • The Girl Can't Help It3:01
  • In The Wind3:23
  • Deep End4:25
  • Try To Help Your Brother4:39
  • Iron Horse4:15
  • People Don't Care No More2:52
  • Man and Machine3:51
  • Run Away3:08
  • Painted2:57
  • In Case We Get Lost (w/ Yoshi Gish)4:03
  • Is Your Heart Still Open?3:24
  • Stay The Hell Away From Me (w/ Josh Tanasz)4:49
  • Loozer3:38
  • Scars3:25
  • Alotta Time3:46
  • Everytime I Fall3:50
  • Reality Of Altitude (The Gorgeous Torment)5:01
  • Mascara Tears2:45
  • No More Lies4:09
  • Silent Night (Acoustic Guitar)3:26
  • Silent Night3:27
  • Break Away3:45
  • Mayday2:57
  • I Wait4:33
  • Priestess3:24
  • No More Lies4:09
  • Little Wing3:55
  • Thank You For Not Jumping3:53
  • Terra Part2:39
  • Undying Fate3:11
  • Zip-Kicker1:41
  • Superglue2:41
  • Come Inside3:49
  • Why Like You3:14
  • Man And Machine 3:52


Sound Czech Studios, LLC

In 2009 Sound Czech Studios, LLC, founder Tim Goodrich was approached by his wife to go see a "Local" band fronted by her friend's husband. Reluctantly he went.  The band was Shallow Mindz and they absolutely blew Tim away with there melodic hard rock sound.  After showing the band the video of their performance, he became their manager, booking shows, promoting, roadie, and helping the band release their first full length album "The Eight Day".  Sound Czech Studios was born.  Why the name?  The lead singer of Shallow Mindz was from the Czech Republic, and the name just kind of stuck.  Since then SCS has focused on helping bright new artists get heard.  Bands that have SCS have managed or have been on the label include; The Little Richard Band, Yoshi Gish, Shallow Mindz, Bryan James, The Bryan James Band,David Kaul w/Nathan Boone, and Dark Savvant.   Other bands that SCS has worked with are; The Virginia Rose Band, TranKQuiLL, E-Z and The Man, Grumpy, Aaron Loveless, Stonegrey, Genolexis, Kat Baumback, Scilter, Eden Shireen, Twisted, Higher Ground- RHCP Tribute Band, Definite Leppard (Tribute), The Masons, Rimfire, and many more.   SCS created FibroFest 2013-2015, which was a music and art festival  to promote awareness of Fibromyalgia. SCS was the official sound company for the Hillsborugh County Fair from 2014 to 2015.   SCS is a proud supporter of Predator Patrol and is the official sound team/DJ for their events. 

Sound Czech Studios, LLC provides quality DJ service, CD Duplication, Online World Wide distribution,  Band Management, Music Label, and more.

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STONEGREY take a stand (official video)

We were honored to work on bringing a project featuring "The Architect Of Rock and Roll" Little Richard,  to life.  Sound Czech Studios,LLC  remixed and mastered a project that sat unreleased since 1971.  The project was released online in December of 2015 for a limited run till 2017 when we added more tracks to the album and then it was sent to a distributor for worldwide release.

With over 14 years experience providing DJ service for weddings, parties, and corporate events.  You shouldn't have to overpay to make your special day, SPECIAL.

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New Virginia Rose Band video​ universe

  • Golden Soul5:10

David Kaul  and Nathan Boone "MAN AND MACHINE


Yoshi Gish

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