• Try To Help Your Brother4:39
  • Iron Horse4:15
  • People Don't Care No More2:52
  • Dew Drop Inn2:39
  • Treat Her Like A Lady3:08
  • California I'm Coming3:13
  • Good Good Girl (San Francisco Sound)4:19
  • Funk Proof2:17
  • Latin X3:35
  • California I'm Coming Sample.mp30:34
  • Dew Drop Inn (Sample)0:31
  • Iron Horse (Sample)0:30
  • Good Good Girl (sample)0:31
  • Funk Proof (sample)0:31
  • Latin X Sample0:32
  • People Don't Care No More (Sample)0:29
  • Treat Her Like A Lady sample0:30
  • Try To Help Your Brother sample0:43

Please NOTE: in 2016 this project was transferred from Sound Czech Studios, LLC to Hitman Records.   This page is merely a tribute of the hard work put in by Sound Czech Studios, Shockwave Productions, AAmboi Productions, Yoshi Gish, and Tracey Schnaare to bring this historical project back to life after sitting for 45 years..  

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"Try To Help Your Brother (instrumental 2016)" and

"Try To Help Your Brother (Little Richard Isolated Vocals)"

​Remixed by: Tim Goodrich

CD Design: Yoshi Gish

The Little Richard band