Endorsed By

  • Come Inside3:49
  • Superglue2:41
  • Terra Part2:39
  • Thank You For Not Jumping3:53
  • Why Like You3:14
  • Zip-Kicker1:41

     National touring artist, Yoshi Gish has been with Sound Czech Studios for several years now.  Yoshi Gish is a free spirit alternative punk band that borders on metal but just doesn't go that far.   Think of Violent Femmes, Green Jello, Smashing Pumpkins, Psychostick, etc.    Yoshi's debut 6 track EP "I Can't Believe, It's Not Metal" has sold several thousands of copies.  In 2014, Yoshi went on a solo acoustic tour across America and blew crowds away no matter the venue size.  Yoshi Gish is currently on a cross country tour with Virginia Rose Band.   Yoshi Gish has been called one of the best eclectic electric rock shows touring today.   You just can't slow this ball of energy down. 

Yoshi Gish